Today's Exchange Rates.


We monitor market exchange rates on a daily basis so you don’t have to. We’re always comparing our exchange rates against major in-store and online travel money providers, to make sure we provide you with great value on your foreign currency.

*Rates are subject to change throughout the day.
Country We Buy At We Sell At
Australian Dollar (AUD) 0.8205 0.9795
Chinese Yuan (CNY) 0.1755 0.1950
Euro (EUR) 1.4505 1.6060
Japanese yen (YEN) 0.01205 0.01295
New Zealand (NZD) 0.8005 0.9165
Philippines Peso (PHP) 0.02505 0.02925
UK Pound Sterling (GBP) 1.6205 1.7830
US Dollar (USD) 1.3255 1.3525